When blood and bio hazard spills aren’t properly sanitized, there’s a high risk of spreading pathogens, especially those that survive outside of the body for days, weeks, or even months.

When a tragedy occurs on your premises, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone on the property. At no point should you ever attempt to clean, disinfect, or remediate a crime scene or trauma scene yourself due to the dangers of blood-borne infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, HBV, HBC, and VHF’s, not to mention the mental toll this can take on the untrained.

Our Expertise

We are a crime scene cleanup company with more than 24 years’ experience cleaning up after trauma, homicides, and countless other bio hazard contamination. We’ve maintained an outstanding customer rating and are proud to share recent testimonials. 

We rely largely on customer referrals, many of which are passed along to surviving crime victims and their families by sympathetic first responders, insurance companies, property managers, and funeral directors.  At Biorecovery911, we’ve maintained the respect and trust of clients in the private, commercial, industrial, and government sectors.

Hoarding Cleanup

  Hoarding g cleanup should only be       performed by people that are trained in       dealing with hoarding and the                       often-associated psychological disorders.

Unattended Death

The professional staff at Crime Scene Cleanup can help a grieving family by dealing quickly and effectively with an unattended death clean up. We are sensitive to a family’s grief.


   When the Team Technicians finish their suicide clean up, no evidence of a suicide remains at the scene.


Crime Trauma Scene Cleanup provides professional blood and bodily fluid clean up services for residential and commercial properties, including apartments, hotels, factories, vehicles and public areas in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Experienced and thorough sanitation services are needed after an event leaves bloodshed. Our trained bio hazard cleanup team is equipped with industry leading technology, training and years of experience in successfully disinfecting and eliminating harmful health hazards that can be spread by direct contact Professional Blood Cleanup Procedures Usually, the condition of an area that contains blood can not only be harmful to health but can also be a hard sight to see. We provide our professional blood removal services so that you don’t need to experience cleaning up after the scene of a crime, accident or any other reason for blood shed. Our trained professionals have procedures that include removal of blood filled or contaminated materials, decontaminating the remaining surfaces and ensuring that the environment returns to a safe and sterile condition. The Risks of Handling Blood Ill-equipped Blood is a type of bodily fluid that can contain dangerous and life changing blood borne pathogens which are microscopic organisms that can cause diseases and infections. Commonly known health hazards of unprotected blood contact are HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and C. These conditions pose a serious threat to everyone, even people in peak health. Therefore, direct contact with blood of any kind should not be taken lightly, and professional measures should be taken to ensure the safety of not only the person sanitizing the blood-filled area but for anyone that will have future contact with it. Blood Sanitation Services Through proper sanitation and with the correct cleaning agents the environment that was once a hazardous condition can be restored. E C S C has specifically trained blood decontamination specialists that can ensure your property returns to a safe and habitable environment – even in some of the most extreme cases. Don’t risk your physical or even mental health trying to get rid of the blood. There are many hazardous aspects that can still remain if the area is not properly sanitized. What you don’t see can hurt you and others. Be confident in the safety of your own property with our professional blood decontamination services.

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