utilizes commercial ozone generators and specialized defoggers to remove the most stubborn odors. After the source of the odor is removed, ozone generators are placed into the residence or automobile to penetrate the entire space. Ozone not only destroys the odor molecules, but kills airborne bacteria as well. While in operation, an ozone machine also effectively removes odor from furniture, clothing, and other personal belongings. The result is a clean, safe and fresh environment.

We can provide Odor Removal services in Texas Arkansas Oklahoma Louisiana

  Odor Removal

Odors are annoying and offensive. Not only can they be harmful to people with sensitivities, but they also devalue properties by as much as 35%. But the worst thing about odors is how hard they are to get rid of. Air freshener can make an area smell better, but it doesn’t handle the real issue.

At Biorecovery911, we are experts on how to remove cat urine smell, cigarette smoke smell, and other odors from the home. We have created a proprietary, professional-grade odor elimination solution that removes even the strongest and most offensive odors. 

  • Cigarettes

  • Marijuana

  • Decomposition

  • Cat Urine / Animal Waste

  • Rodent Waste

  • Gross Filth

  • Sewage Backup

  • Cigars / Pipes

  • Mold

  • Mildew

  • Cooking Odors / Curry Spices

Our system is not only safe, but it’s also surprisingly affordable. Our highly efficient odor removal technology is perfect for vehicles, homes, businesses, furniture, and any other place that has an odor problem.

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Effective Odor Removal

Steri-Clean has developed a proprietary odor removal system that permanently eliminates ALL offensive organic odors. We figure out where the odor is coming from and employ our unique process to alter the odor molecules. The smells are not covered up using the Steri-Clean method, they are completely eliminated from HVAC systems, furniture, floors, and wherever else the odor molecules are lingering. We commonly perform these services for the following clientele:

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Automobile Buyers / Sellers

  • RV’s

  • Dealerships

  • Insurance Companies

  • Hotels / Motels

  • AirBnB’s

  • Property Management

  • Gyms

For almost 20 years, Biorecovery911 has provided a way for property owners to affordably and effectively eliminate odors, which increases property value and makes the area a more pleasant place altogethe