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Biohazard Abatement Service

Remove all biohazards with proper cleaning, disinfection, deodorization and document disposal of infectious materials.


  • Crime Scene Cleanup

  •  Suicide Clean up.

  • Homicide / Trauma Scene Cleaning

  • Bio Recovery Services

  • MERSA / MRSA Staph / Bacterial decontamination

  • Automobile Clean Up / Accident / Homicide / Suicide

  • Stolen Car Decontamination

  • Industrial Accidents / Biohazard Remediation

  • Natural / Accidental Death Cleanup

  • Unattended Death / Decomposition Cleaning

  • Clean Up Blood / Body Fluids

  • Severe Odor Removal / Neutralizer

  • Distressed Property / Trashed Houses

  • Gross Filth Cleaning / hoarder

  • Feces / Urine / Animal / Rodent / Bird / Waste Removal

  • Decontamination / Sanitizing

  • Shreveport Tear Gas / Pepper Spray Clean Up

  • Fingerprint Dust Removal

  • Police / Emergency Vehicle / Cleaning / Decontamination

  • Jail Cells / Coroners / Cleanup / Decontamination

  • Medical / Biohazardous Waste Disposal

  • Transportation, Storage and Disposal of Forensic Evidence

  • High Pressure power wash for bloodstained Roadways/Walkways

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A professional consultant will provide you with an accurate assessment and handling of your situation. We will properly remove all traces of the incident and dispose of the bio hazardous waste properly. 

We will do everything in our power to assist you. We will work with you, your insurance carrier, or your state victim’s assistance program. We will work hard to make sure that you do not get denied the services you are entitled to.

Removal of all biohazards with proper cleaning, disinfecting, deodorization and document disposal of infectious materials for:

Crime cleanup

Industrial Accident Jail Cells & Cruisers
Trauma cleaning Accident cleaning Gross Filth / Hoarder
Suicide clean up Meth Lab cleanup Odor Neutralized
Homicide / Death Tear Gas removal Human / Pet Feces
Decomposition Fingerprint dust Pigeon Droppings

We can provide the necessary cleaning, disinfecting and bacterial decontamination services for MRSA staph infection to your home, office, business, daycare centers, nursing homes, schools and church’s.

Our technicians provide crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleaning and bio recovery services for homicide, suicide clean up, auto / industrial accident cleaning, decomposition / unattended death, meth lab cleanup, MRSA staph infection, bacterial decontamination, odor neutralizing and hazardous waste removal services to individuals, home owners, apartments, business owners, shopping malls, mass transportation services, health departments, medical examiner, coroner, police departments, emergency management, homeland security, school boards, colleges, local, state and federal  

If you have any questions that are not an emergency, please