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Quick Response.  We Deal with the Scene So Your Family Doesn’t Have To.

When the Team Technicians finish their suicide clean up, no evidence of a suicide remains at the scene.  Clients often can’t believe that the “before” and “after” pictures we provide to them are the same space.  That’s the biggest compliment we are given – and we take it to heart.  After all, the service we provide is one stall step that can help bring life back to some sense of normalcy for those involved in an unfortunate event.

Removing whole floors, drywall or tile is a common practice for us.  Whatever we need to do to restore the crime scene to its prior state, we’re committed to doing it.  Please remember that the sooner you call us after you discover a suicide scene, the better.  Odor problems worsen quickly, and the trauma of the event will remain tangible until the scene is cleaned.

The risk of bloodborne pathogens cannot be discounted either.  During our years of training and licensing, we continue to learn how to best protect ourselves against disease-causing elements and respiratory distress.  Our technicians participate in a Hazard Communications Program, and we are OSHA compliant.

We handle the outcomes of traumatic events every day, and we are fully qualified in all aspects of crime scene clean up, including biohazard waste removal.  Unmarked vehicles are available on request and estimates are always free.  We bid based on labor hours and prefer on-site bidding.  Every scene is different, and it’s important to us that our bidding is consistent and credible.


We understand that you may not feel up to dealing with the inconviences brought on by insurance companies during these catastophic times. That’s why we extend our services in assisting you with your insurance claim if requested, from start to finish. Your piece of mind is important to us, we value your patronage, and when you choose Biorecovery911, you’re more than just another customer

 Crime and trauma scenes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana for law enforcement, apartment complexes, HOA’s and funeral homes.

Unfortunately, suicide is an epidemic that is claiming the lives of 30,000 Americans each year. Left behind, are their families and loved ones, often times they are devastated and confused, not knowing where to turn.This discreet and confidential service includes the cleaning, decontamination, removal, and proper disposal of all potentially infectious substances and materials, subsequently restoring the scene to a safe, non-biohazordous, pre-incident condition. 

To many, biohazard remediation (and its commonly used alternative, crime scene cleanup) sounds like standard cleaning. In reality, the two services couldn’t be more different. Biohazard remediation refers to the removal, cleaning, and disinfection of blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially harmful pathogens in affected areas after a death, accident, or communicable disease outbreak. Because of the high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment, certification, and licensing.

Biorecovery911 has designed a 3-step remediation process and developed a line of cleaning agents to protect the health and safety of our customers and their property. For more than 20 years, we have adhered to the highest standards in biohazard remediation to ensure that our customers and employees are fully protected. We stand by our work with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.